Personalized to your needs


Relax, Regenerate, Revitalize

The Hendrickson Method creates a profound relaxation response through rhythmic oscillations (i.e. gentle rocking motions) of the body. This method does not require oil or undressing.  It is a dynamic combination of techniques that work together to rehydrate and promote nutritional exchange on a cellular level by utilizing active (as well as passive) massage of the soft tissue structures, joints and bones. It is not painful, but rather relaxing and healing.


Nurture yourself

It's not a surprise that a woman's body goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy. As the child within you grows, you may develop lower back pain or discomfort, especially in the pelvic region. Massage by Maria is done mainly in side-lying position for your comfort and increased accessibility to these tender areas. The technique targets places in the pregnant woman's body that need the most nurturing to ease discomfort and stabilize structures, which increases alignment and balance for a stronger and easier pregnancy.


Get back out there!

Muscle fibers normally run parallel to each other but when muscles are injured, the fibers cross-weave causing decreased Range of Motion (ROM) and discomfort. Massage by Maria works to normalize muscle tissue and put the fibers back into their normal places. This greatly helps to increase ROM, decrease swelling and stimulate cellular synthesis. You'll be back to doing what you love and feeling strong soon!


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